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Mitsubishi AR Coated Protective Window

Mitsubishi AR Coated Protective Window

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Product Features:

High-power fiber lasers cut and weld metal sheets. This process demands the very best in optics (lenses and protective windows). Without a high-quality lens and protective window, the laser radiation can increase the temperature of the glass, thereby changing the properties of the laser beam and weakening the performance of the machine.

Additionally, temperature increases can ruin the optics and produce internal mechanical strain on the machine. To prevent this, optics with the lowest possible absorption losses are recommended.

Typically, optics that provide low absorption are made of fused silica with AR coatings. The AR coatings help to reduce any radiation that might hit the inner-wall of the processing head. This helps to prevent any potential stresses to the machine, and ensures the manufacturing process remains smooth and unhindered.

Mitsubishi Protective Windows are industry-respected for their reliable and repeatable performance. The Protective Windows are comprised of high-purity, non-crystalline silica glass with superb optical qualities. Product features include exceptionally low refractive index variations, revolutionary homogeneity values, state-of-the-art birefringence values, extraordinary transmittance through the deep ultraviolet and infrared region, and an incredibly low thermal-expansion coefficient—all of which are essential to our customer’s demands.

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