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37x7mm Universal Lower Protection Windows - Fiber Laser

37x7mm Universal Lower Protection Windows - Fiber Laser

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37mm Overall Diameter by 7mm Thick Protection Windows to handle up to 30kW fiber laser power.

Suitable for Precitec, Han's, WSX, Klinge, Ospri and Raytools Cutting Heads.

The optical path (including the protection windows) is critical to the function of modern fiber laser systems. We stock only the highest purity fused silica with Quartz sourced from North America and Japan, with extremely high quality AR coating to maximise not only the life of the consumables, but to ensure the safety of your laser.

These Fiber Laser Cutter Protective Windows are comprised of high-purity, non-crystalline silica glass with superb optical qualities. Product features include exceptionally low refractive index variations, revolutionary homogeneity values, state-of-the-art birefringence values, extraordinary transmittance through the deep ultraviolet and infrared region, and an incredibly low thermal-expansion coefficient—all of which are essential to our customer’s demands.

Product Features:

Anti-scratch coating, anti-reflection coating, high-quality quartz crystal, high-quality fused silica, stable performance and enhanced durability, irradiation resistant, high resistance in harsh conditions, reduced scattering and anti-reflectance.

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